Some people ask me what I’m saying when I sing. A lot of the time, if I’ve got all the music set but the lyrics are still in flux, I’m not saying anything too concrete. I like to sit with a song and play it over and over again until the words find me. Anyone who improvises knows – whether we’re talking about music, comedy, performance art or anything expressive – that the more you do it, the more you solidify your personal style. However, the most useful part for me is how it confronts me with my own subconscious, which is how our song “Water” came to fruition.

I actually gave “Water” that title because it was one of the only words that came to mind when I played the song. Over time, however, it became clear that we’re all bound to water in more ways than one.

Our friend and all around video guy, Joe Joyce at Better.Off.Grid created this lovely lyric video of “Water”. Check it out, especially if you’ve ever wondered, “What are you saying????”


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