Leo Leo – Should we Publish a Covers Album?

Coming off of the high of receiving great press last week, thanks to Well Done Boston, we had a difficult time focusing on the what our next steps need to be here on the West coast.

[BEFORE we begin – we want to say that we are sad that Vince Wilfork will not be returning to our beloved New England Patriots 🙁 #75 , we will miss you]



Do we want to start playing out in local venues?

Should we focus on recording the new songs such as “going Been”, “Iowa” and “Shame”?

Should we try to get radio play here in the Bay area AND in L.A. county?

Should Sarah work on a new drum cover video?

Should we release the FEVER video?

What about building relationships out here?

Can we start working on a video for going been?

How about releasing a covers album with our popular covers such as :

a.  Cold Play – Magic  b.  Drake’s Hold on  c.  Rihanna’s- Stay  d.  SOKO’s – We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow

e.  Chadwick Stokes – Don’t Have You

Would you buy a “Covers” EP if we released it?  If so how much would you pay for it [we have to charge $$$ in order to pay the original composer(s)]
Please let us know which songs you would love to have – by commenting on our face book page.