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our new live set! AND you can see it next week!!! Join us on Wednesday, May 14th at 8:30pm with this smashing line-up sponsored by Full Scene Ahead:

Lesser Animals
Rue Snider
Calvin Ball

Discounted tickets can be purchased here!

And bonus! Here’s our newest single, Fever!!


A week ago we released our latest single, “Fever”, and we’ve had a great response to this colorful tune! If you haven’t heard it, then please take a listen. Want to own it? Awesome! Please consider supporting us by purchasing it on iTunes

And if you’re in the Boston area, we’d love to see you tonight at Tres Gatos for a special, intimate version of our live show. We go on at 9pm.

Tomorrow night we’ll be nice and loud at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. If you’d like to pick up advance tickets, you can get them HERE

Finally, thank you all for your recent support. We’ve reached over 800 Likes on Facebook!!!