We Are New To This.

We’ve been asked multiple times:

“What are your goals?”

To which we reply –  <— is that correct grammar?

1.  Make music.

2.  Connect with people.

3.  Make the world a better place through making music & Connecting with people.


Typically, the follow-up question is something along the lines of dollar signs and how we plan to get them.  Iggy Pop can’t make a buck to save his life, U2 is having difficulty, nobody is selling platinum records.  Adele is the only successful artist in god knows how long. Can Taylor Swift save the industry?  What are you, Sarah Hope and Vanessa Wheeler, planning to do to make money?

We are new to this.  Not new to making music but new to marketing it and ourselves.  What is the game plan?

Well, we have to stick to making a hell of a live show.  We make certain that people want to come out because every time is different from the previous.  We don’t play out often specifically to be able to give the audience great moments.  We want to be present at every show – right there with you.

Also, we are going to unify ourselves with brands that want to make a difference in the world.  Companies that encourage people to do great things, be themselves, practice positivism and elevate those around them.  Pairing with these companies will allow us to reach more of you.  Show you how to change things in your life. You will have access to media that focuses on beautiful things -even when there are challenges.  ( Do we sound naive, yet?).  We hope to build a network of companies and people that you can trust.

We are involved in custom scoring for various universities, businesses, and agencies.  This allows us to hand-create pieces of music specific to the palates and needs of creative projects and/or professional presentations.

Did you know that Vanessa has a Master’s degree in Composition from the New England Conservatory?

I, Sarah Hope, have an electrical/mechanical engineering degree and years of experience in audio engineering.

Furthermore, we are contracting for licensing opportunities !

There is so much to do in the world of music.

Perhaps people think of rock stars on stages and groupies as being the extent of the business.

That’s not really what we are about.

I mean, we mean, we love performing.

We love the people that love our music.

We want to find ways to continue to create it –

but we don’t need fame or extreme fortune.

We will continue to be happy as long as we create because that is pursuing our passion, being our genius, connecting with you all.

Send us your thoughts, comments, desires – what is your passion?  Your genius?

We are new to this, right now, but we are not new to dreaming.  That’s what we all have in common.