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LEOLEO U2 appleIt’s been a funny week in media tech news.  i don’t even know what definition of “funny” applies here.  Perhaps, “head shaking” week in media news would be a better expression.

U2 has been put on blast for their deal with Apple and the iPhone 6 (6plus) {read more about that disaster PR if you happen to know what GOOGLE is and how to spell U2 and iPhone or Apple 😉 }.

Bob Lefsetz has written 5 blogs – mostly iPhone related- in the last 5 days.
Millenials are asking such questions as
“Who is U2?” and

“Why does my iPhone bend?”

and a lot of people are saying “who cares?” as 1K Chinese folks line up outside of the Apple store in Legacy Place Dedham.

In Leo*Leo news – we have been talking about how the music industry continues to change.
There are media robots that rule everything and decide what/who gets played and most of it sounds the same.
and even U2, chart-topping politically driven princes of Ireland, got their asses handed to them when all they were trying to do is GIVE AWAY THEIR MUSIC.
Was it arrogant to assume everyone would be happy about the surprise GB’s spent on the new album? Maybe just a litto.

or a lot.
We decided to keep the blog relevant and tongue in cheek this week. In honor of U2

We are giving you a choice to receive  FREE MUSIC that we made –
and it is here:

Also, it would be helpful to know – why do you NOT want it? What would you prefer to be given?
Write in and let us know 🙂  because for all the talking about the album – i doubt that SongsOfInnocence is being listened to half as much.

MUSIC MAKING APP for PHONE ? Come See. With Me.

My computer died a few days ago. I feel detached from the world and wholly unproductive — we have an aggressive Leo*Leo recording and editing schedule, that assumes I am functioning at maximum technological efficiency. Instead of sulking or halting, I have become obsessed with alternative ways of recording music. SO, here’s my first dabble with the making a loop. Recorded live before your eyes.

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel inspired me to download the Loopy HD App for my iPhone after doing a live Lion Sleeps Tonight a cappella loop, Mike Johnston told me about the DM1 drum machine, and I use an Animoog right at the end for some sparkle.

We will be back on track next week! With a brandy new cover for your enjoyment!! Have a great weekend. 🙂