E> Love Notes to Our Friends <3

(Check the bottom of this blog post for your name!)

The Music industry looks to gauge how successful a band is by the following:

1. Fan Social Media Engagement:
a. How many “LIKES” we get on FB.
b. How many YOUTUBE subscribers we have.
c. How many TWITTER followers we have.

2. Ticket Sales:
a. How many ticket sales we sell per shows- that is our worth to the

We take notice every time we have someone LIKE our post, FB page or YOUTUBE channel video! We need these in order to move into the second stage of the record industry.

Leo*Leo believes in giving back to our friends and community even though we have a tiny budget right now. We often play fundraisers and volunteer in our communities (we hope to inspire you to do the same). This month, we wanted to put aside a little bit of dough to make you all feel just as great as you make us feel.

There are a lot of silent viewers that we know support us with their great energy. However, this week we wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been jumping aboard to “LIKE” what we are doing on FB or as YOUTUBE subscribers.
If your name is on this list – please send us a message with your address(include first/last name, email address and home address). We are putting together a little gift bag of goodies to send to you via snail mail!

Krista Milloslavich, from San Francisco, Liked that we got 700 Likes on FB and she is a winner of Leo*Leo gift bag.

Heather Coulter LIKED Sarah Hopes cover of “HAPPY” along with other great supporting friends.
Therasa Topete, from California, LIKED the announcement that Leo*Leo will be collaborating with Hip Hop Artists and Rock bands from Mexico!

Montserrat Yep,from Queretaro (MX), LIKED the SOKO cover that V recorded on her iPHONE.

Dani Kim, Stephen Kruidenier & Emily Ansara Baines, from Los Angeles, are always LIKE-ing our posts. We are so appreciative of that support. Thank you.

All the way from the midwest- Lisa White Corralez, from El Paso (Texas) has become one of our strongest LIKE-ers. Big shout out to her and her son, Sean.
Thanks for helping us spread the word :).

Lastly, but not finally because we know so many of you do the same for us, drummer, Mike Gazdik has supported Leo*Leo with LIKES on many occasions.

To everyone else, thank you for your encouragement. Keep sharing us with your friends and communities.  We pay attention.  We appreciate it.

(We will be updating our Calendar soon to show you our national/International Radio shows & LIVE shows in the New England Area for the month of MAY)


S & V

Pharrell cries w/OPRAHHH & SarahHopeDrums HAPPY!!

If you’re approaching the brink of hearing this song — give it ONE MORE time!! : )  I put together a little drum cover – recorded amateur style at the Leo*Leo Boston, MA rehearsal space.
(Pharrell cried this week on Oprah. It did actually make my heart melt a bit. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy it here…)
(If the video is freezing up on you-please click on it and see it in YouTube)



*drop the mic*