Leo*Leo Kicks VAVÁ to the Curb

Leo*Leo; Vanessa Wheeler; Sarah Bearse; Haim

Leo*Leo after performing at Stargaze Festival, 2013. Courtesy of Jenn Márquez.


Prince went from being known as “Prince” to “The Artist formerly known as Prince”. Somewhere along the lines he became a symbol. Then back to his name.

Sean Combs has enjoyed names such as “Puff Daddy” and, for the linguistically/aurally lazy, shortened to “P-Diddy”.

But, as I stop in the middle of writing this there is a realization that we are nothing like those examples of musicians-except the name change.

OK, in all seriousness…

It has come to our attention that there are several established acts (mostly non-US based) who use VAVÁ as their moniker. We think the most responsible course of action is to change our name so as to avoid any legal issues should we release music in countries where these acts have prominence – something we totally plan on doing.

Secondly, VAVÁ, is a term of endearment for Vanessa Wheeler. Now, we are two people. We think it only fitting that our name now reflect the collaborative nature of our process, especially since our efforts have finally come to fruition (!!!!).

LEO*LEO para vida!!!


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Leo*Leo releases their first single on iTunes.

Leo*Leo releases their single on iTunes.