Leo*Leo On Radio Boston 92.9!!

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We’re stoked to be featured as part of Radio Boston (92.9) “Local 92.9” For those of you in the Bean, keep your radio’s on 92.9 to catch our song, “YOU”! Click HERE to see us on 92.9.  If you live in other states or countries – you can stream the station LIVE.
A very special THANK YOU to Cassandra Paiva for supporting our music – it means so much!

In celebration of our 1100 LIKE on Facebook, we are offering free downloads of our latest release, “Side One”.

(Or click HERE to go directly to Noisetrade)

Broad Smiles & Dancing Queens

A little while ago we released our first single, Dancing Queen, from our upcoming EP. We had several shows lined up when May rolled around, so we decided it would be fun to re-imagine some of our tunes.  We had an amazing audience at our last show at Great Scott, where we joined Tales of Olde on their EP Release party with Grey Season, and one super fan even took a video. Dancing Queen as a bonafide country song?? Have a listen!

And for a refresher, here’s the original version! Compare? Contrast? Tell us what you think!

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