Collab with Black Collar Biz!

We are honored to have been approached by Byron “Black Collar Biz” Marshall, a prolific artist from Trenton, NJ to collaborate on ‘Dancing Queen’ – a track from our recently released “Side One” EP. The wonders of Twitter forged our first connection with Black Collar Biz when a mutual fan suggested a collaboration project. Listening to his music we discovered a diverse array of influences from Gospel, Soul, Funk and Blues to Hip Hop and R&B. We were hooked.

Take a listen to this brand new spin on ‘Dancing Queen’. It’s a dream to have something we’ve created be heard by another artist and set into a whole new trajectory.


Black Collar Biz recently put out an incredible piece of work called “High Grade Artistry” (“HGA”). He describes “HGA” as if it were an Art Gallery, and each song was a different canvas. Get a copy!


Stay tuned for more Leo*Leo collaboration projects in the works!!!!

Broad Smiles & Dancing Queens

A little while ago we released our first single, Dancing Queen, from our upcoming EP. We had several shows lined up when May rolled around, so we decided it would be fun to re-imagine some of our tunes.  We had an amazing audience at our last show at Great Scott, where we joined Tales of Olde on their EP Release party with Grey Season, and one super fan even took a video. Dancing Queen as a bonafide country song?? Have a listen!

And for a refresher, here’s the original version! Compare? Contrast? Tell us what you think!

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