We <3 Boston

I was with my co-workers at the Boston Marathon finish line last year. We left work for a little lunch jaunt, and about two hours after we returned to the office is when the bombs went off. The news pointed out the location of the detonations, which happened to be right where we were standing a few hours prior.

We were all shaken, and the shock set in differently for everyone. (I couldn’t ride a crowded train without feeling a bit of unease, for instance.) I began to think about places in the world where people question their safety everyday, let alone live in fear for their lives. Those places are all around us – in our backyards and some places we’ll never go. If we have to question our safety, then how can we even begin to realize our full potential?

Still, I know that people do it; they live and even grow despite their fear, which is a kind of courage most of us have only glimpsed. The people of Boston have exhibited their defiance to fear everyday since the bombings. Today is no different as they join to remember those injured one year ago.

We are very proud to call Boston our home.