What Do Girls Know About Sports?

Did you know that Sarah is a severe New England Patriots fan? I (Vanessa Wheeler) embrace half of my Brazilian genetics every four years. Why? Get the answers when you Tune in to us getting down with Sports Talk with the guys from 2 Beers In!
They ask us questions from Tom Brady , Billy Belichick (the hoody)  to our love of the YMCA!
We also talk about our mini tour in December to: Philly, D.C. and NYC !!!

The whole show is entertaining and the Leo*Leo interview begins around 6:20 seconds into it !

Music Blog Reviews Our Live Show

Last week we had the pleasure to open up for our friends, Tales of Olde at Great Scott in Allston, MA – probably one of the best sounding venues in the entire city. We had a fantastic time and had the good fortune of meeting Pete of the blog, MusicBoxPete, who ended up featuring us in his Artist Spotlight section! Thanks again to everyone who made that night a memorable one, and to Pete for the kind words! (If you can’t enlarge the photo, click HERE for the article.)

MusicBoxPeteBlog Screen Shot