Leo*Leo – Why The Rock Relies on You

This week in music news Taylor Swift gave the “fingah” to Spotify when the Swedish audio digtal streamer declined streaming Swift’s new release to it’s premium paid membership.

Bob Lefsetz, industry professional blogger-ish, continues to ride this story line into all of the time zone sunsets.  His take-away?  The girl is short sighted.

Fine. Maybe. Perhaps. Mayhaps.

OR is she ?

She has the power, AND MONEY, and POPULARITY, to be able to do this without having to pause thought and mull it over.  Taylor Swift is her own label (this isn’t completely accurate but close enough) and has established herself amongst fans as a follow-worthy individually.  She can sell Taylor Swift raisins and, regardless of quality, people will buy them for themselves and as stocking stuffers for their #BFFs and/or children.  I wouldn’t be surprised if TS builds a branded Spotify competitor with a catalog of her songs…and perhaps other people whose music she supports (ahem, cough cough, Ed Sharon).

This is our prediction. It is what we would do if we were her (including resources, connections, of course).

Eventually, she will opt out of music altogether.  She doesn’t depend on album sales for her income anymore. <—- or she shouldn’t.  The moment we make money from music we are going to invest it (we are working on a book re: this :>).  For more specific information on why Taylor Swift made the right choice – please read George Howard’s piece in the New York Times.

Regardless, we support her decision and we look forward to the day that we can join her, The Beatles, and Garth Brooks.  In the meantime -until our pockets runneth over – the following discusses how YOU, our listeners, can make change, literally.

Also, we will address some of the mysteries of Spotify math.


People ask us this question: “Don’t you think you get to spread your music even if you don’t get paid much?”

Well, no.  The thing is that often times, unless you are a ‘featured’ artist (and to be featured you must be represented by a label, pay Spotify money for some sort of relationship, pay into advertising, or under the table ‘pay’ somehow else) OR people actively look for you – there is no real random rotation of the music.  It is all about favoritism, unlike PANDORA (we will get to this later on).

Also, one must assume that they are CORRECTLY indexed in the SPOTIFY database in order to be “heard”.  Leo*Leo was incorreclty indexed for 7 months – and every time someone clicked on our image or name – a different artist’s music was getting played.  That artist had an extremely offensive name & track.  The song was not even in our own genre.

7 months.

This is why we didn’t advertise that we were on Spotify.  This is why we lost certain key sponsorships.

We will share this story with you later in our journey.


So how much does an artist make every time YOU play one of the songs?  It varies but it is no more than .0084 per play.

For us, we get paid .006 per play.  And it only counts as a “play” if you stream it for 70% of the song.
This means you would need to play one of our songs 16 and 1/2 times in order to give us ONE penny.
When was the last time you bought 16.5 somethings for 1 cent?
In order for Leo*Leo to make 1$ — you would need to play a song 166.5 times.
We’ve included a calculator for you to be able to do the calculations.

1. If everyone with an internet connection in the world (roughly: 2,802,478,934) plays one of our songs 1 time then we will make :
$16,814,873.604 —-> Before Taxes. 🙂
2. If everyone reading this subscribes to our Leo*Leo Artist Page and adds us on a few playlists you can help us make money by:
a. Playing the evening playlist on repeat overnight (muted)
b. Adding us into a cool mix of playlists during the day.
c. Copying our Spotify url —–> https://play.spotify.com/artist/2nImhz03SrpUq2uB4KMV1C

d. BOYCOTT streaming and go directly to Artist sites : click on all of the ads they have, Pay for their albums/songs, Support with monthly memberships to content.

Embeded Calculator requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

You must have the current version of the adobe flash player to use this online calculator

for more information on SPOTIFY related things please check out Sven Grundberg’s article in The Wall Street Journal and George Howard’s brilliant piece in the NY Times!

IN OTHER NEWS – big things happened for us this week

Boston Scene Music News

Buy a New Honda, Receive a Leo*Leo CD permanently in Your CD player.

LEOLEO U2 appleIt’s been a funny week in media tech news.  i don’t even know what definition of “funny” applies here.  Perhaps, “head shaking” week in media news would be a better expression.

U2 has been put on blast for their deal with Apple and the iPhone 6 (6plus) {read more about that disaster PR if you happen to know what GOOGLE is and how to spell U2 and iPhone or Apple 😉 }.

Bob Lefsetz has written 5 blogs – mostly iPhone related- in the last 5 days.
Millenials are asking such questions as
“Who is U2?” and

“Why does my iPhone bend?”

and a lot of people are saying “who cares?” as 1K Chinese folks line up outside of the Apple store in Legacy Place Dedham.

In Leo*Leo news – we have been talking about how the music industry continues to change.
There are media robots that rule everything and decide what/who gets played and most of it sounds the same.
and even U2, chart-topping politically driven princes of Ireland, got their asses handed to them when all they were trying to do is GIVE AWAY THEIR MUSIC.
Was it arrogant to assume everyone would be happy about the surprise GB’s spent on the new album? Maybe just a litto.

or a lot.
We decided to keep the blog relevant and tongue in cheek this week. In honor of U2

We are giving you a choice to receive  FREE MUSIC that we made –
and it is here:


Also, it would be helpful to know – why do you NOT want it? What would you prefer to be given?
Write in and let us know 🙂  because for all the talking about the album – i doubt that SongsOfInnocence is being listened to half as much.