Sound of Boston Review on Leo*Leo Album

Recently we’ve been communicating with press about QUATRO (4)  incredible events:

1.  Musicologists are naming a new music genre specifically to describe the sound of our album, Side One!  We will let you know as more develops to name Leo*Leo the creators of Nova Rock: a blend of Bossa Nova Jazz, Soul & Indie Rock (or rock and roll).

2.  Word is getting out about our exciting upcoming mini-tour to D.C., Philly, and NYC – as we open up the stage for the talented & socially conscious, Dispatch front man, Chadwick Stokes.  Join us Saturday, Nov. 1st for the 6th Annual 5K & after show in support of  – Donate a few dollars through Leo*Leo’s Team Page and come watch us play an acoustic-ish set :))))))).

3.  WERS 88.9 FM is recording a session with us tomorrow – to be played during regular station programming!  Tweet them (@WERS889FM) and tell them you can’t wait to hear us on your favorite college radio station!

4. Imagine our excitement when leading local indie music blog, Sound of Boston, reached out to let us know they had reviewed our EP, Side One!  We are grateful to have received their ears on our music notes.  Special thanks goes out to Anastasia Antonova, the reviewer.  Additionally, they’ve added us to their Local playlist (bottom right corner of the article, scroll down to click on our song, Fever) !

Please reach out to them on Twitter @SoundOfBoston to give your feedback on the review.  Also, feel free to talk with us, too (@LeoLeoBand), over Twitter, Instagram (@LeoLeoBand) or soundcloud ( we just released song stems for producers & DJ’s).  We love hearing from you.

 Please click on the business (picture) below for the full Sound Of Boston review!

Thank you so much for supporting our music.
It means so much to us.

Sound of Boston reviews local Nova Rock band, Leo*Leo

Sound of Boston reviews local Nova Rock band, Leo*Leo

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