Nobody Does It Alone

I am approximately 34,000 feet in the air, traveling at 442 miles per hour on my way back to Los Angeles from Boston. There is a baby next to me who’s cry I’m trying to drown out by listening to some Soul station on satellite radio. Truth be told, I have a morbid fear of flying, but I still consider myself lucky when I am required to partake in air travel for any musical reason.

That said, this past month has been a welcomed, new experience: Sarah, our “Spirit Team Leader”, Monica, and I have traveled to Los Angeles from Boston and back again for our first shows since the release of our single, Dancing Queen. In two and half weeks we managed to pull off three shows after several months off due to a hectic recording schedule. The success of these events would not have been possible without the dedication of Monica and our good friend (title-yet-to-be-given), Laura. These ladies not only helped to promote our shows in their own specific ways, but they literally did everything else that Sarah and I could not physically accomplish; let’s just say that when you travel with electronics, something is bound to malfunction.

For a long time, Sarah and I have been a two-women team and we’ve managed to do quite a lot, but we are at a point where Leo*Leo’s needs are growing. These girls not only hustle with the best of them, but they are also our sounding boards. Maybe it’s my own willing naiveté, but I’ve often wondered how other artists do it; unless you read trade publications it might not be immediately apparent that everyone has help, and we could not be more grateful to have the support and tenacity of our tiny, dedicated team.

Ok, there’s terrible turbulence now so I’m going to refocus my attention to this Hunger Games movie instead of fearing for my life. 😀

Please enjoy our album of photos from our latest travels.







rehearsal space LA



leoleo at The Red Room

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