Leo*Leo’s Tall Drink of Water

When you listen to your favorite song do you wonder why it puts you in the mood it does? Do you close your eyes and get swept to a different place? The process of mixing a song is a lot like designing an imaginary place and placing characters inside the scene you’ve just dreamed up.

A series of thousands, maybe millions, of decisions are made for mixing even a three minute song… How loud to make the drums, what kind of reverb belongs on the singer, where are the guitars (left or right side when you listen to headphones, how “far away” they sound), are the background singers a gaggle of people swarmed right around the lead singer, or are they hollering from a distant place far away? All of these decisions, and so many more, become critical for conjuring up the place where the song will live.

Not everyone will “see” the same place when they listen to the same song. But when you hear people talk about the emotions that it evokes within them they will usually cluster around a similar idea. Mixing does this. It is a huge part of the art of making music.

TOMORROW we are doing a final mix session for “Water” – a song that will be on our upcoming EP!! We’re including a video recorded from the Red Room show at Berklee College of Music on February 21st so you can take a listen. To get your hands on it first, order here:

Hope you enjoy!!!

<3 Sarah Hope

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