Leo*Leo Plans benefit concert for the Animal Rescue League

We adopted the band bird, Meegs, a cockatiel, almost 3 years from the animal rescue league. Sophia, our dutch shepherd, and Basil, the terrier/chihuahua mix, were both invited into the band loft (you can find them on our instagram feed). We have a great relationship with St. Bonnies Animal Sanctuary in Los Angeles (Leo*Leo dedicated a show to Lisa Lambert, the heart & soul, last February) and now we would love to develop one with the ARL.
Monica, our band spirit team leader, has worked with them in the past through the Science Literacy Initiative Camp (children donated blankets, food and took part in the ‘spay/neuter’ education program).

We are donating our set plus any money we make from the door. There are only 85 tickets for this show. This will be our last show before we head on tour with Chadwick Stokes (of Dispatch, Stateradio) and then venture off to the West Coast for more dates. Please come support us and your community.

We are experimenting with something new and would love to get your help with everything from ticket prices to how the day should go.  Please click on the 4 question survey 🙂

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